Dasouqi Auto Parts

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عامودي, أمير
مناضل, محمد
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This Project was about E-commerce and website for a company called dasouqi parts , which starts in the first of the 80’s this project was about to analyze and help the company to increase their profit , we faced so many challenges at the first just like the company was good at wholesale but not in retail sale So that we analyze the company and we created a market plan and also we create the website called: www.Dasouqiparts.online We installed so many tools to improve our website marketing and here’s some of these tools ; 1~ Metorik : this tool is good in crm which it can show us whole the selling process of the website and the good and worse products , it can do frequent for orders and customers and for sales 2~WOOCOMMERCE for Facebook : it moves all products installed in our website to our facebook page which it easy for the customer to see 3~ around.io : this tool helps doing posts on all platforms or social media Finally we are going to add some tools and products to this website then run it as our starting Job “Entrepreneurs “