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Ahmad Mansour
Mahmoud ALTaha
Nser Daood
Ziyad Omar
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In the past, the design of the roads was mainly concerning the links between the major cities and large towns in the West Bank. However, the access roads between villages were not considered as the allocated budgets were limited. Recently, as the number of population and vehicles increases dramatically, the existing relevant infrastructure should be developed to fulfill the new requirements. One example for such roads is "Sanur – Qabatya" access road which is considered as an important link road is to be redesigned. The design and rehabilitation of such road will contribute in minimizing the travel time and distance from/to Jaba', Sanur and Nablus to Jenin governorates. The above-mentioned road is designed in this Semester. The project team contacted the Directorate of Ministry of local government in order to collect the required data related to the project. The upgrading of this project is expected to enhance and encourage the mobility of the students and employers from surrounding villages and towns to Jenin. The functional classification of the road is collector. The length of the upgraded section to be is about 5 km. During the site visit to the project, the following existing problems were highlighted. The proposed design is contributing is solving several existing problems in the road such as limited right of way, lack of shoulders, lighting and drainage facilities, sharp horizontal curve, sight distance, pavement distresses, intersections and cost estimate. The design of the road includes horizontal, vertical, cross-section, and to propose an economic, environmental and durable solutions. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO 2018) standards and Civil 3D Software are used in the design of the road. Moreover, the AASHTO 1993 method is used in the design of pavement Finally, full design and cost estimate was performed. After designing, the street stayed as two way – two lane according to the (LOS) after 20 years which is (D). The enhancements occurred in the width of the street as follows: lane width 3.6m, shoulder 1.5m for each and a daylight were used. The total estimate was about 2.6 million dollar.