Smart Central Bus Station in Nablus

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Abdulqader, Maysoon
Tobasi, Samah
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Nablus Eastern Bus Station (NEBS) faces many problems including the traffic congestion because of the consecutive entry of busses without any order, and entrance of unauthorized vehicles to the station. Moreover, some drivers decide to leave from the entrance instead of the exit which may lead to traffic accidents. The project aims to find a solution to these problems by placing a smart electronic barrier at the entrance that allows only the authorized buses to enter, and knowing where the bus came from by reading a special identifier for each bus via RFID(Radio-frequency identification), and linking it to an app enables passengers to get the name of the driver who entered the station and the number of buses for each area and number of passengers in the bus by supplementing each bus with two IR sensors and controller to count them. In addition to an LCD screen in the station showing the number of buses present for each area, and a smart exit gate with RFID identifies the bus that exits. There is also an ultrasonic connected to a buzzer to prevent illegal parking. There are previous projects of smart parking with some similar features, but this system aims to integrate many solutions in one complete system which links the hardware system of the station with a mobile app for passengers to use.