Brainy Buddies

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Alaa Yamak
Tassneem Abu Alrob
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Brainy Buddies is a mobile application and website for children, through which they learn and share their achievements and information. They are also tested using a set of questions, and they get an entertainment aspect through interactive educational games at the same time. It consists of three users: Admin,Parent and children. The admin is responsible for fully controlling and supervising the application and website. He adds educational content (videos and stories) while specifying it’s type (educational, cultural or religious) and specifying the age group as well. All of this will appear later for the children to watch and interact. on them. He is also responsible for setting questions for assessment tests and supervising them, and also seeing all users (fathers and children) viewing their pages, and receiving their inquiries via WhatsApp and email. As for the child, he can see what the admin has posted and interact with it. He also has his own page through which he can publish the video, story, post, or photo that he wants to publish to the rest of the children who follow him, as there is a follow and unfollow feature among these children, and also the child can answer existing tests and entertain himself with the educational games provided by the application. In addition it provides chat feature between all users, children and parents, to exchange knowledge, also the notifications when any interaction or event occurs. As for the last user, he is the father who creates accounts for his children (since the child can’t register an account in the application on his own) in order to control him. The ages that this application targets range between 5-12 years, which are the first learning ages. The father can also communicate With the admin to give him feedback