AutoMentor-Driving School Simulator

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Omar Haji
Mohammad Hantouli
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AutoMentor is well-designed, simulation-based educational package that gives learners an almost real, interactive driving experience. The small city environment is programmed using the Unity game engine, populated with user-controlled car, AI-driven cars and non-player characters. It contains a particular set of rules and scenarios to test and improve user’s driving skills. While playing, the player will drive in the city in their car using a physical driving kit. Just as in actual physical driving controller in a real car, when everything is realistic, the game is noticed to have any violation of any rule or a mistake made by the player and, in turn, penalizes it. There is notably a system called "rewind," in which the players may go back to the moments that led to a mistake, where they can correct it. The AI cars follow realistic driving patterns, creating a learning environment that mirrors real-world road conditions. This project will already bridge the enormous gap between theoretical knowledge regarding driving and practical application, with a very safe and controlled learning environment where learners may practice and perfect their driving skills.