Analysis And Re-design Of Water Distribution Network and Design of Wastewater Collection System for Biddya

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Amal Surakji
Haya Salameh
Noor Hinde
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Water is essential for different uses including domestic, agriculture, industrial, etc. Water with enough quantity and good quality has to be distributed at community level. To do so, water distribution networks, have been used. However, most of water being used at household return back to a sanitation system. As such, and to protect the public health and the environment, wastewater collection system has to be implemented. In this graduation project, the aims are to assess and redesign of the existing water distribution network in Biddya, which is located in Salfit governorate, 32 km a way from south of Nablus city and about 16 km from west of Salfit city with an area of about 13 thousand dunums, and a population of about 10,451 people. Moreover, it is essential to design a wastewater collection system that serves the entire town. To achieve the proposed objectives, the required data collected from different sources such as Biddya municipality, were data of the population, water consumption, and water losses obtained. The obtained data was utilized to compute the demand at each node, GIS data (e.g. contour map, road network, and houses distribution) was collected and is used in this project. By using proper computer software’s (WATERCAD, SEWERCAD, GIS), the obtained data is utilized to assess and to redesign water and design wastewater networks that meet the design specifications. The outputs from this graduation project are a detailed design of water and wastewater networks for Biddya to provide water and wastewater services for that meet design standards.