Structural Analysis and Design of Illar Basic Girls' school

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Aya Abu Dura
Dunya Hani Abbas
Mira Mukhles Alkayyal
Tahleel Husam Ghanem
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This project consists of seven floors, and located on three different levels. The building contains two basement floors that the first basement floor contains the general science lab and classroom. , and its area is 274.15 m2 , and the other has classrooms, teacher room, and a technology lab, and its area is 354.62 m2 . It also contains a ground floor with an area of 609.77 m2 ; the area of the other floors is 609.77 m2 , which provide classrooms, laboratories and meeting rooms. The fifth and final floor its area is 678.17 m2 . The final floor contains a stage. This project covers variety of topics, including project definition, load computations on the structure, load combinations, assumptions that must be checked, and analysis results to compare and check whether they are satisfied. The goal is to perform research and design for a 3D model of the building that provides secure and efficient design for all structural elements such as slabs, beams, columns, shear walls, and footings, as well as consider all potential loads on the structure, conform to structural codes, use computer programs, and manually verify results. The methodology used to achieve the project's objectives by observing and comprehending each architectural plan and detail of the structure, calculating the different load such as gravity and lateral loads on the structure, and then assuming the preliminary assumptions dimensionless structural elements and building a three-dimensional model of the structure using ETABS18. The results of the analysis were then compared to manual tests to ensure that they were accurate and satisfactory.