Faculty of Law

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Bobali, Anan
Aqel, Guevara
Odeh, Jamil
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Faculty of Law is one of the most important faculties of the university. It is concerned to prepare competent and qualified legal cadres and provide an academic environment characterized by creativity and excellence to provide students with legal sciences and the skills of thinking and systematic scientific research. In order to improve teaching qualification according to local and international standards, and to build the character of students, the new law facility was built so the law facility students will have their own building, and after several field visits to this facility, it was chosen to be a graduation project and this is a challenge because this facility was already built. At the first semester, full analysis has been done for all aspects architectural, environmental, structural and elecrto-mechanical, from this analysis we found many defects and problems in all aspects. Architectural: We found that there is many spaces does not achieve requirement areas. Also, many non-existing spaces. Environmental: Noticed that there is a big problem of daylighting design also in acoustical design there is some STC values are not according to the standards. Structural: Structural design is suitable but for footing design observed that it’s covered more than 60% of floor area. So, mat foundation maybe more economical. Elecrto-mechanical: Fluorescent lighting was used in the building, and this type of luminaires are high-energy consumption. HVAC system was used is VAV system and this system have many disadvantages. Therefore, VRF system will be more efficient. In addition, there is a lack in number of elevators. At the second semester, the building has been redesigned with taking into consideration all defects and problems that found at the first semester and according to the standards and specifications. For architectural aspect, two floors was adding to the building with increasing area of floor from 665 m2 to 862 m2. In addition, some spaces are adding just like cafeteria and first aid. Environmentally, design builder was used to make simulation for energy consumption. In addition, to solve daylight problem two shafts was used in the middle of corridor to allow to the light entered to middle of building and glass area was enlarged for all rooms to improve daylight factor in rooms. For acoustical design we change the material was used in external walls to improve STC value. Structurally, one way and two way ribbed slab was used because it is the most economical system at this dimensions of spans, also hollow mat foundation was used. In addition to achieve all seismic requirements from UBC=97 code. Electro-mechanically, type of luminaires was changed to LED to reduce energy consumption. Also, some changes were done for drainage and water supply system, for HVAC the system was changed to VRF system instead of VAV to avoid disadvantages of previous system, for safety in the building full integrated system was designed, its consist of fire fighting system, fire alarm system and evacuation system. Therefore, the building is ready for any fire situation could be occur. Many programs was used in analysis and redesigned the building such as Revit, Lumion, ETABS, Sap, Safe, Design builder and Dialux evo. Finally, the building has been fully redesigned architecturally, environmentally, structurally, mechanically and electrically according to code and standard to achieve maximum comfortable for users.