Design of an Eco-friendly school With a geothermal system

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Qadah, Ala’a
Nabulsi, Fakhria
Zyoud, Tala
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School is one of the important buildings in the society to build a good community. The comfortable design of it will help raising the level of education of the members of the society. Thus, the aim of this project is to design an “Environmentally Friendly School” in West Bank. It will be designed based on the requirements of The Palestinian Ministry of Education and the International requirements from Neufert and other references. In this project, the concentration will be on improving the buildings’ performance in energy, water, material and indoor environment. In addition to that, the building will be in harmony with its neighborhood. The work on this project will be done in two semesters in academic year 2018\2019. - In the first semester: • The collection of information about the building to make full study and performance analysis. • Study on the environmental sides of the location for building. • Full analysis of the architectural plans to evaluate its compliance with standards. • Make a study about the air-tubes system, and taking "Wadi Almoghayer School" as a case study which is using this system. • Finish the architectural designs. - In the second semester: Depending on the information collected in the first semester and analysis results, the design of a new building will achieve the followings: • Improving and finishing of architectural designs if there was notes on them. • Improving thermal & environmental (Daylighting, Lighting and Acoustics) performance of the building. • Conduct full structural design plans of the building including seismic design. • Design the other systems like mechanical, electrical…etc. (Integration the design). • Design the air-tubes system for the new school.