Board Solver

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Sayeh, Ameed
Kiwan, Raslan
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Making our lives easier is one of the main objectives of technology, always aiming to make new things in that purpose, and surely, the robotic age has its fair share in doing that, making alternatives that could take the place of humans with more intelligence and capabilities, and this is where our project arises. Board solver is a robot arm that plays tic-tac-toe game against a person, and tries to defeat him. The robot uses a camera to detect the game board and analyze its state with image processing using open-cv. The next move is determined by the robot using a mini-max algorithm that gives the optimal solution based on the current game status. The move is performed by adding an object of shape ‘X’ or ‘O’ to the board using a magnet that is connected to the arm that moves in two dimensions above the game board. Once the robot plays his move, it waits until the person performs his move and presses a button that tells the robot that his turn has come