A cultural center in Balata camp

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Utt, Amani
Abusamen, Isra’
Sawafta, Reham
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Palestinians all over the world are suffering from occupation, but they are overcoming all the obstacles to become a source of inspiration to the entire world. Despite the circumstances in refugee camps, people there can grow up and be creative, too. What helps them is their firmness. Many international agencies support camp by building schools, libraries and cultural centre. Here, this project is taking on a proposal for the cultural centre, which is suggested to be built in balata camp The aim of the project is to design a cultural center, located on the east side of Nablus city. Any building design goes through many stages, starting from the architectural design, which should follow a specific standard, taking into consideration the required functions, spaces, relationships among these functions their dimensions to achieve comfort, orientation, etc. This centre will provide several sections including the libraries, theatres, galleries, garage for cars , computer lap, administration and some other functions. In addition to that, the architectural design will consider environmental aspects, including natural lighting, thermal and acoustic aspects as much as possible. The structural design stage includes designing the building, taking into consideration different load conditions, the effect of seismic forces, and also designing the infrastructure. The electromechanical design involves the electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems design in the building. At the end, this report will provide a summary of architectural design improve, and environmental improvements, as well as an evaluation of the structure design.