Analysis & Redesigning Of The Faculty Of Fine Art

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Bassalat, Karam
Najjar, Umaier
Sabbah, Omar
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There is no single solution for engineering designs. There are as many solutions as there are engineers. This is why there is a need to make a comprehensive analysis and study covering all design aspects in order to reach the favorable design that fulfils the requirement of the client and the users. This study is about the analysis and redesign of one of the buildings at An Najah National University new campus which is the Faculty of Fine Arts The n objective for the project is to analyze the designs of the building in all aspects taking into consideration the standard requirements of such buildings, also considering the point of view of the users in terms of functions, site selection and other issues. . The analysis will start by the architectural aspects followed by others as integrated analysis and design. The project discusses the environmental aspects from multiple sides like thermal and day lighting. Orientations of the spaces and relations between functions will be taken in the architectural design. The project will also involve design mechanical aspects such as HVAC systems, water supply and drainage system. Computer programs like SAP program will be used as a tool to analyze the structure of the project. The structural analysis may consider seismic load in advance. Public safety considerations and emergency exits will be taken in the design phase. Elevators, fire alarms and other relevant systems will be considered and designed in this project. In conclusion, the project will represent integrated building in all aspects depending on the considerations and standards (general and special for this project).It will include full drawings and calculations in this project.