Smart Home & Smart Garden

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Enas, Mashaqi
Rowaida, Safadi
Muna, Al-Hasan
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While the cost of living is going up, there is a growing focus to involve technology to lower those prices. With this in mind the Smart Home project allows the user to build and maintain a house that is smart enough to keep energy levels down while providing more automated applications. A smart home will take advantage of its environment and allow seamless control whether the user is present or away. With a home that has this advantage, you can know that your home is performing at its best in energy performance. Smart home is a house that uses information technology to monitor the environment, control the electric appliance and communicates with the outer world. Smart home is a complex technology, at the same time it is developing. A smart home automation system has been developed to automatically achieve some activities performed frequently in daily life to obtain more comfortable and easier life environment. We will control the lights and some devices by Bluetooth .we will also use PIR sensor to close and open the home's door and we will use thermal sensor to control the temperature in smart home. We will have a system against fire that will be turned on in case of fire .so we will achieve system can monitor the temperature, humidity, lighting, fire & burglar alarm, gas density of the house and have infrared sensor to guarantees the family security. In smart garden, we will design automatic plant irrigation system for plants and control the all lights in the garden. The system send massage to mobile in some situations. The system also has internet connection to monitor and control the house equipment’s from anywhere in the world. By implementing this project we were able to explore a variety of different engineering challenges, including software programming, PCB design, Wi-Fi and other aspects. This project provided great insights to the challenges of software and hardware engineering.