A comparative study between traditionally designed Residential Buildings (Al-Jenan Housing-Jenin) and a green building model

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Amad, Heba
Daraghma, Mohammad
Masri, Osaid
Marmash, Zaid
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The high demand on energy and environment impacts have always been a major concern in buildings. It is well known that demand on energy is continually increasing and resources are limited. Such increase on energy consumption resulted in more environmental problems of and pollution. To overcome this problem the green buildings concept started with the aim to reduce energy and water consumption, conserve energy resources and for environmental and other economic issues. The idea of current project was to evaluate energy consumption in traditionally designed buildings (Al-Jenan housing) and a green designed model. Satisfaction of apartment owners was also evaluated throw a set of questions in a specially designed questioner. The used criteria for evaluation and measurements of temperature, humidity and light intensity, which were measured using HOBO data loggers. The collected data were analyzed using Excel spread sheets. The green building model was designed having in mined and consideration energy consumption, water use, isolation, ventilation, solar electricity generation, and passive techniques (Solar windows solar wall and solar chimney). Most of the used materials were locally purchased, natural and safe. Thermal simulation using Design Builder Ver. 4.7 was used to evaluate energy performance of designed buildings. Data presented in this study clearly shows that we can reduce energy consumption in traditionally designed buildings by more than 50% by converting them into green buildings. It was also found that time not comfortable based on simple ASHLE 55-2004 in traditional buildings was around 3000 hours while in simulated green building was around 1000 hours. Evaluation of initial cost value in both systems was in favor of traditionally designed buildings, however on the long run the running cost in green buildings is almost with negotiable value. With respect to owners satisfaction most of participants complained about variations in temperature and the high cost of heating and cooling apartments at different seasons. In conclusion, it seems important to increase the level of awareness among people regarding the importance of green buildings, which will be reflected positively on the cost and environment.