Machine for the Internal connection of distribution board

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Kmail, Ahmad
Abu Doleh, Amjad
Sholi, Mahmoud
Muwafi, Basil
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internal connection of distribution board machine is an electrical device capable of Installed distribution boards with all sizes Principle of work: The device receives electrical connections through a specific application on the computer such as autocad or artcam and other programs to convert sketch file from computer to controller. Or register traditional connections such as connections of the control panelsof( pumps and elevators and power factor correction) and other populardistribution .board The equipment such as (circuit breakers and cables ….etc) is placed inside the .machine so that the outputs are electrical distribution boards for needed projects Using equipment : stepper motors , power supplies ,arduino , mechanical body has shape like cnc machine. The device can be developed with suitable software to receive the information, manufacture the painting body, paint it and assemble it in a short time