Assessment and Redesign for Sameer Shanaa Mall

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رغيدة دهون
ماريا شتية
دلال نزال
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This project aims to represent an integrated re-designing for Sameer Shanaa Mall (Commercial Building) in Nablus in order to be a model for the provision of various services to people include stores, offices, restaurant and playing hall for kids. The building will be design according to systems that reduce energy consumption and achieve thermal, acoustical and visual comfort, through the use some insulators and the exploitation of solar energy. The design will take into account people with special needs in terms of the width of the corridors and their way of accessing to the building, similarly the general safety requirements of the buildings. As regards to constructions, the appropriate structural system for this building will be determine and design ensuring the safety and serviceability. The Environmental modifications various types including thermal, acoustical and lightening will be designed. For this project, the quantities and specifications will be calculated. In this project, a hard work will be made to achieve the integration between all the different systems to avoid any problems during the operation of the facility to reduce maintenance and operating costs. To achieve all building aspects some computer software will be used such as AutoCAD, INSUL, EASE, Etabs, Design Builder and DIALux. Redesign process include site analysis, Architectural re-design as standard and specifications, environmental analysis, structural design, HVAC and mechanical design that includes drainage and water supply, Electrical design contains lighting, power and control panel design and finally, fire system has been designed. All results had detailed in the report, drawings and bill of quantity