Structural Design for International Hotel Building in Nablus

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Sedih, Abdul-Rahman
Taweel, Ihsan
Asia, Yazan
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This project is about structural design for a recommended International Hotel Building which is located in Nablus city -Rafedia at (32.2249) latitude and (35.2405) longitude. The Hotel has five floors with an approximate total area of 2100 m² and a perimeter of about 200 m for the first three floors, then the area of the fourth and fifth floors reduced to 1025 m² and 650 m² respectively. In addition, there’s a playground, with a total area of about 730 m² and perimeter of about 110 m, this playground has a concrete ground and covered by steel. Each floor consists of several double rooms, kitchen, laundry, reception, meeting room, manager room, basketball playground, store rooms and several bathrooms else that exists in each room. This project was chosen due to the necessity of existence of a hotel in Rafedia which is active commercial region and popular tourist destination. The first and main purpose of this project was to increase our knowledge and experience in structural analysis and design fields and to improve the ability of understanding plans and codes. This project covered three – dimensional model using a modern program which is CSI-ETABS 2016 which is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings by using finite element method. The first stage of the project was the analysis of the structure, which included the theoretical assumptions of structural systems that taken from the codes and standards which are: ASCE7-10, IBC-2012, ACI 318M-14, ASTM and Jordanian Code for loads and forces. And also included a list of loads that were considered such as: gravity loads, seismic loads, soil loads, wind loads and snow loads. Then a three-dimensional model was built, then the results from the model were checked if they match the input data and theoretical assumptions. The second stage of the project was the design of all structural elements to make sure that they are satisfying strength and serviceability of the whole structure, and necessary checks were done. Finally, an official structural report which contains all the procedures and work related to the project was introduced, it also contains a detailed design sheets for all the structural elements of the building.