Smart Lifting Machine

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Hamad, Nafe’
Yaqoup, Ahmad
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There is no doubt that the world is witnessing a tremendous technical development, especially in the field of industries, and there is no doubt that the measure these days is the extent of using modern technologies that would facilitate work and reduce the number of manpower required. Smart Lifting Machine It is a modern work machine that can be controlled through hand rotation or through an application on a mobile phone. This machine uses magnet attached to the arm that can be controlled by hand rotation or application. The machine also carries a sensor that makes it stop moving forward when there is a barrier nearby. Moreover, the machine has the ability to store movements and re-execute them again. This device is designed on the basis of the interaction between the transmitter and the receiver and based on the rotation of the hand and the push button. Accordingly, a response from electronic equipment occur such as motor movement, servo movement, magnet movement, etc...