Redesign for Al Qaneer office building in Nablus city

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Baniowda, Hamed
Mahmood, Sameeh
Ghanem, Abdul hameed
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ABSTRACT As population increases rapidly around the world, the demand on skilled, trained and specialist people increases to give services for people to assist them organizing their lives and suggest solution for problems that they are facing, so it is vital to make a congregation for those people in buildings “offices” that satisfies all humans comfort requirements to get a very fluent environment for work, where the importance of a building engineering appear. The target of the project to be achieved is to make an assessment for an office building in Nablus city called “Qaneer commercial congregation” in all fields related to building engineering starting from architectural design following by structural, mechanical and environmental design. The project is to be completed in two stages during academic year 2017/2018. Firstly, research stage, that includes analyzing for all plans that had been designed earlier and determine all defects in the design. Furthermore, collecting information from references about standards and recommendation for this type of buildings and to conduct simulations for building by use computer programs. Secondly, redesign stage that aims to improve the design according to all information that had been gathered in the first stage, to reduce or completely eliminate the defects in previous design. Finally, to create fully detailed plans with high quality design in all fields of building requirements and give recommendations for interested institute to make adjustments and modifications for the building design.