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Mustafa Sokar , Amr abo Amr
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The purpose of this project is to help the users to maintain their cars and also to help car technicians finding jobs, linking user to a wide network of car maintenance centers with services that reach them without tiredness or effort, whether they need to transport the car to the workshop, or it’s a small issue and requires a mobile workshop that reaches your location. The project consists of 3 main sides: user, service provider (technicians) and the admin. We will implement a mobile application and website for this project. Users can choose what kind of service they want e.g. air conditioning repair , electrical inspection , mechanical inspection , paint work ,balance or even asking for fuel. Also there is a map to help users choose the closest workshop or service provider. Users can rate the workshops ,communicate with them using the chat . In addition to that, there will be notifications to notify the user with all updates about his car (service) status. Also the store of our project will sell the car parts and accessories to help users find the best products according to his car model. Users can pay for service or products using this app. The app will notify the service provider with a form contains some information about the car that needs a maintenance (or will describe the problem), technicians could accept or deny, also could sell some parts on the app’s store, the service provider could display information like location, price of the service, what his major, what car models did he prefer also he could display some of his work on his account. The admin will manage the app) the services it provides, the sales, workshops, store( , updating data and will solve problems faces the users