Water Supply Services Management for Tubas Governorate

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Khabbas, Ameen
Qab, Ameer
Bsharat, Qasim
Thaher, Laith
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Tubas Governorate is located in the North-Eastern part of the West Bank. The surface area of the Governorate is 402 km2 forming 7.1% of the West Bank area. The total population of Tubas Governorate in 2015 was about 65,000 capita located in 21 localities. Tubas is considered as a ghor steepy area, where the terrain varies with some highlands and hills. In general, the features of the surface of the Tubas area is plain area elevated gradually and descends eastward toward the Jordan River. Tubas Governorate suffers from lack of proper distribution of water resources across the area of the localities so large localities are served by limited water resources and the small localities are served by good water resources. The methodology of our project will include estimating the future population of each locality and calculate their consumption of water. Then, we are going to study the available water resources on the governorate and suggest a water distribution plan to the different localities depending on their need of water. At the end of our project, we expect to take over the problem of water supply services in Tubas Governorate and put a management plan of water supply service and re-distribute the resources of water.