The Wondrous Treasure: A Serious Educational Game

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Ghanim, Aseel
Saadeh, Majdoleen
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Education was effected by technological development that occurred as a result of the knowledge revolution. Based on the current emergency situation of the crisis, the move to e learning has become an urgent necessity. Students spend a long time on cell phones because school education is interrupted. Due to this, we can utilize the student’s time by playing online, while at the same time benefiting and developing his abilities. Using games in the classroom is still limited, and in it’s in research step due to psychological and social reasons. Serious games are used for many educational purposes. It's a way to entertain. It supports communication and information technology. It aims to multiple educational goals for all ages. Besides, it is applicable in almost any field. These games are a good way to keep the focus of students and offer to learn while the students entertained. The serious educational games also affect the logic of mathematics intelligence positively. This type of game is used to improve observation abilities and to exercise reaction ability. It also improves the creativity of the students. The students could have build-up knowledge and productive learning. In this project, we are programming a serious educational game of young people in for school age groups. This game deals with the school curriculum for students in a fun and entertaining way, which helps students engage with it. It deals with mathematics. This game is trying to solve the problem of kids ’attachment to the games or make it as an advantage, and then measure the students’ acceptance of serious games. It also measures the acceptance and reaction of specialists to the idea. There are a lot of similar applications available today. One of them is Word wall which can be used to create both interactive and printable activities. Many teachers in Palestine use it as a way for e-learning. We are the first ones who create a serious educational game