ALLUKA “Smart Virtual Assistant Robot”

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Sawalha, Eman
Abu Alrob, Ghadeer
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Alluka is an educational robot that helps children and students in the learning process in a very interactive way. The main idea that the robot support is taking voice commands from the children and produce a movement or speaks out the answer for the question or commands. Voice recognition is the ability of a machine to recognize, understand and interpret voice commands from users then it can act according to these commands in any shape of response the user wants. Jasper is one of the open sources virtual assistant that uses voice recognition techniques which can interact with different users accurately. Alluka uses this technique to be the educational assistant robot that will help children and students. Alluka can take questions and it will answer in turn or do something to make you understand the answer. Alluka listens to your question as instruction of words, then do some processing, in the end, it will use voice (talking some words) or basic movement to answer you in the right way. The robot is able to take English command for human, process it and interactive according to it. Like giving the answer for basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication). The arithmetic commands could command like “one plus one”. The robot will speak out the answer. Also, the command could have a movement like “forward 10 steps” then the robot will analysis the command move forward according to it. Also, another form it is possible to ask Alluka “garb” then the grabber that it’s attached to the car will move. The project as a total contains 3 parts, voice recognition, movement, and grabbing. In the beginning, the robot will wait for any command. When the command is correctly recognized by the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that this command is mathematical, movement or grabbing a specific item. The following will happen. If it was mathematically the Raspberry Pi will produce a voice speaks out the answer through some speaker connects to it. While if the command were movement the Arduino Uno job come here to control the motors to move forward, backward, left or right. So, it can be said that the Arduino Mega will be connected to several motors. The last case is grabbing here the job will be cooperation between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry will execute some code to force Arduino to grab stuff. There is serial communication between the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. In conclusion, Alluka is a robot that supports educational importance for children by understanding their simple commands and produce the correct outputs to it.