Structural analysis and design for (Burj Al-Jame’a - Jenin)

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Mohammad Abbadi
Nafe’ Alyat
Omar Abd El-Jawad
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A commercial building is one that is dedicated to commercial activities. The technical classification of a commercial building for zoning purposes is that it has more than half of its floor space used for commercial activities. The purpose of this Major Qualifying Project was to analyze and design a structural system for an illustrative commercial building in Jenin, Palestine. This building divide in two building blocks, which consists of 9 floors with total area of 10,900 m². Structural analysis and design will be conducted under gravity and seismic loads. The design is planned to be performed in two-stages. Stage І will include structural analysis and design for a sample of structural elements under gravity loads only, while in stage ІІ, the building will be designed for seismic loads beside to the static loads. This report will show the procedure of analysis and design of the Burj for gravity only. The analysis and design process will start by basic assumptions regarding the structural systems, loading scenarios, and initial dimension of the members. The main load bearing system was considered to be made of slab on drop beams carried by columns, with two-way solid slab. Full 3D models are then created using ETABS 2016 program for each building block with the slab system. The structural elements will be designed as reinforced concrete members according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318-14.