Environmental status in Tulkarm city

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Tawfiq Saleh
Shadid Hanini
Ahmad Abu Saleh
Mutaz Abu Daher
Mahmoud Drubi
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Environmental issues are one of the most important problems facing the world, In the case of Palestine, environmental studies are difficult due to the special political situation and the environmental problems associated with this situation. The city of Tulkarm, North West of the West Bank, is facing many environmental challenges that affect the health and wellbeing of its residents. There are multiple sources of pollutants that are deteriorating air quality and water resources. In this research the authors investigates the air quality in the city by measuring the particulate matter concentrations in four locations in the city. At the same time, the lung functions of selected residents in these locations are tested using a spirometer. In addition, the quality of the water in Wadi Zomar, which is polluted by untreated wastewater, is investigated and we propose a wastewater treatment plant to mitigate the problem. Finally, we present the solid waste management problem and investigate possible solutions, specifically solid-to-waste options.