Quantity Survey And Cost Estimate For The Building Of The Municipality Of Aqraba

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Naden Maqboul
Mohammad Tbeleh
Qais Najjar
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Engineering management is a scientific system that works to apply administrative principles in engineering activities, whether in planning, implementation and controlling. It is very important and necessary for the project in order to define the plan of the project before it begins, establish an agreed schedule and plan, Arranges the various activities in the project according to their reliability and priority in implementation, create a base for teamwork, resource management (labor and building materials), helps to keep control of costs and manage quality with specified time, create an opportunity for learning, earn knowledge. With project management, organizations can gain control over the running of projects and make sure that they are keeping on track and within budget. This project is a Aqraba Municipality , which is located 18 km southeast of Nablus city in the northern West Bank, It consists of two floors and area of 500 MS. This construction has already been executed, but in our project we will recalculate the quantities and costs of the project and estimate the period using electronic programs. In the term of materials the project will be done according to the specifications of the Palestinian Unified Contract. We will clarify the relationship between the three parties of the project (owner, consultant, contractor). Many software will be used in this project, mainly Revit software to calculate quantities, estimate cost and Primavera p6 will be used for scheduling project time. The main objectives of this project are: 1- Reviewing the main construction design plans and diagrams 2- Calculating quantities, and total cost of project in order to minimize cost and time to the lower limit. 3- Scheduling project time in order to minimize time to the lower limit.