Rehabilitation of Nablus Electrical Network by adding a new connection point

dc.contributor.advisorMaher Khammash (Department Head)
dc.contributor.authorAhmad Hatem Abd-Albaqi
dc.contributor.authorAli Namrouti
dc.description.abstractAbstract :This  project aims to  study the performance of  Nablus Network and to add a new connection point in the eastern region of the city of Nablus in the village of " Huwwara " with maximum capacity up to 20 MW , in  cooperation with NEDCO ( Northern Electric Distribution Company)  .Taking into consideration that  there are 6 connection points  in the electrical network of the  city of Nablus.  A load flow study and analysis for Nablus Electrical Networkusing ETAP software will be performed to see the effect of adding a new connection point to the network and to improve the power factor, improve the voltage level  and to reduce the electrical losses in the network , and so reducing the penalties in the total tariff  for the municipality, increasing the reliability of the network. To do that we will follow the sequence below: 1 .Collect correct data from NEDCO about Nablus electrical network.2. Run it on software (ETAP) to get the results.3. Study the network with the new connection point.en
dc.titleRehabilitation of Nablus Electrical Network by adding a new connection pointen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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