Rehabilitation of Nablus Electrical Network by adding a new connection point

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Ahmad Hatem Abd-Albaqi
Ali Namrouti
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Abstract :This  project aims to  study the performance of  Nablus Network and to add a new connection point in the eastern region of the city of Nablus in the village of " Huwwara " with maximum capacity up to 20 MW , in  cooperation with NEDCO ( Northern Electric Distribution Company)  .Taking into consideration that  there are 6 connection points  in the electrical network of the  city of Nablus.  A load flow study and analysis for Nablus Electrical Networkusing ETAP software will be performed to see the effect of adding a new connection point to the network and to improve the power factor, improve the voltage level  and to reduce the electrical losses in the network , and so reducing the penalties in the total tariff  for the municipality, increasing the reliability of the network. To do that we will follow the sequence below: 1 .Collect correct data from NEDCO about Nablus electrical network.2. Run it on software (ETAP) to get the results.3. Study the network with the new connection point.