Automated Student Hostel design plan and implementation

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Maqboul, Rusul
Suwan, Ghroob
Dawod, Mayas
abu so’ud, Wala
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A student hostel is a lodging facility that provides an affordable accommodation for students living away from home. This paper addresses the standards and requirements of a student hostel, and the possible application of a smart building system and automation into this facility, taking into consideration the assessment of the provided case studies for this project, the revision and analysis of these studies, will help provide a road map for designing an applicable building. A primary architectural design plan for an automated student hostel is prepared by the end of this research, which includes subjecting the site into a full environmental analysis and taking the proper recommendations to make it easy and accessible for students, in addition to full architectural plans of site, floors, elevations and sections, according to the requirements implemented to achieve an automated smart building. This study is the first stage of the graduation project credit, in which the information collected will be used to proceed with the design in all other building engineering aspects; structural, mechanical, and electrical to form a cohesive functional building.