True Driver

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Tubaileh, Dania
BaniFadel, Aseel
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Transportation is an essential need for many people to go to work, school, and home. In particular, the main common method inside many cities is to drive the car. Driving a car can be an easy job to reach the destination and load all stuff in a reasonable time. However, there are many problems that drivers face everyday, especially when there is car traffic. Sometimes, other drivers may need to contact a vehicle’s owner when he is absent, so we thought about an application that allows drivers to communicate with each other by their cars’ plate numbers. This will make the process easy and save time. Also, it will help with traffic accidents. The application allows the user to enroll his car to the system, search about a car’s owner, display fuel price, put his car for sale, and find near gas stations and parking using the map. If we get the Traffic Department’s approval, we could add some features that will strengthen the application, such as checking if the driver has a traffic ticket through the app. Moreover, he could see his driving license status (valid, expired), and give anonymous reports about other drivers. We will use Flutter toolkit to build the mobile application. We did not choose which database to work with yet. There are similar apps in India like this application CarInfo and RTO.