Investigating The Presence and Implementation of Safety Rules and Regulations in The Construction Projects In Palestine

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Ammar Abu-Saleh
Hussam Malhas
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The building and construction process contributes to the growth and development of the global and national economy, but it has a bad reputation because it suffers from a lack of safety and frequent accidents in it. We must focus on safety issues in the workplace and urge compliance with them by everyone, as this is not limited to workers only, but it goes beyond that and reaches contractors and supervisors of the project. As there must be laws that compel all construction workers to take safety measures, and workers also must have many skills that will help them manage the project in a sound manner without any injuries, as project management personnel play an important role in implementing safety measures and creating a safe environment in construction projects. There are many different ways to reduce worker injuries and increase safety in various engineering projects, while the application of these methods is the main factor in increasing safety even though their application is costly, no doubt about that. In this research, we will focus on studying the impact of safety measures in mitigating the occurrence of injuries at construction sites and the extent to which all parties are complying with these procedures by the contractor, owner, and workers. Finally, we will create a special questionnaire for contractors and another for workers to analyze the reality of safety in construction projects. This is what will be done in this study and after completing that and preparing the questionnaire we will distribute it to contractors, workers and owners in the next semester and analyze the questionnaires to reach the most important factors and procedures that must be adhered to reduce injuries and reach recommendations for contractors, owners and workers in order to improve the safety measures in construction projects