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Al Khaldi, Doaa
Salah, Wala
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Based on the importance of providing support to blind people in society in all possible and different ways, especially in the technological aspects that may facilitate their integration with their community. This project aims mainly to provide assistance to blind people in avoiding some of the problems that they face during walking. This project is a smart walking stick (SWS) for blinds, it’s contain several sensors will be used to identify obstacles at different heights in front of the blind person during walking. More specifically, if there’s an obstacle near the blind person, the vibration motor will activate at the top of the stick near the hand of the blind person so that it alerts him that there is an obstacle in front of him and protects him from any collision that could happen. In addition, there is a possibility of determining the distance of this any obstacles from the stick and help the blind person to notice it. This done by using vibration technique, that will varies according to the distance between where the person stands and the obstacle. As the distance increase the vibration intensity will be decreased and vis versa. Furthermore, the (SWS includes sensor for determining the water on the ground during walking .This sensor will activate a sound to alerts the person holding the stick that there is water on the ground, which helps him to avoid it and don’t slip. Finally, the (SWS) includes a system to give information about the location of the blind and make it easy to find him if he lost and make a call between the blind person and his family, by using (GPS) which detect blind location and (GSM) to send a message and make calls with his a specific numbers, So if somebody needs to know the blind person location, the (SWS) can locate him and send the location to them as a text message after their request by making a phone call with (SWS), so that the stick will disconnect the call and send a text message containing the blind's location. Moreover, this system includes buttons, the first button that enables the blind to make a phone call to a specific number, The second and third buttons are to give information about the location of the blind and send it as a message to his family and specialized numbers in emergency case. The location is specified on the map for easy tracking of the blind's location. This project is programmed with Arduino, and with different types of sensors and electronic modules.