Structural Analysis and Design of Palestine Red Crescent Society School For Deaf in Ramallah city

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Ahmad Omar Yahya
Madleen Mohammad Bzoor
Mohammad Khaled Ibrahim
Obaida Nail Zaben
Rasha Yasir Yameen
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The project was about structural analysis and design of the Palestine Red Crescent Society School for the Deaf, which was located in Ramallah and currently under implementation, it serves the entire city of Ramallah so this school is important because it serves many people there, in order to improve and develop education in Palestine for all children without exception. This project consists of 7 floors . The building contains 2 Basement floors, so that the first basement floor contains the basic needs of the school such as a storage requirements, mechanical rooms and others, and its area is 814 m2 , and the other has classrooms, power adapter rooms, and a dining hall, and its area is 711 m2 . It also contains a ground floor with an area of 629.7 m2 . The area of The other floors is 675 m2 , which provide classrooms, laboratories and meeting rooms. Many aspects had covered in the project, such as project description, computation of loads on the structure, load combinations, hypotheses that verified. The objective is to carry out analysis and design for a 3D model of the building that provides safe and efficient design for all structural elements such as slabs, beams, columns, shear walls and footings, also all possible loads on the structure considered following structural codes and using computer programs and the results were checked manually then a practical and fully detailed drawings for all structural elements provided