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Qaissi, Abla
Shaker, Aya
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These days, graphical tools are growing fast and you can see that the improvement on computers GPU, 3D printers, 2D drawing machines, movies effects and game development are taken seriously. The big rewards today and the billions of dollars come with graphical work, this wheel will never bestopped, and the graphics will keep growing to infinity, so it is a good idea to have a hand in this largefield. In the end of this project, a simple CNC machine will be produce, this machine can take any picture from computer and empting it in 2d upon a paper (A4 paper). The main parts for this project are: 1. PC: which contains two main programs, the first is for drawing picture and the other for sending it to CNC machinewhich called UGS (Universal GcodeSender). 2. Arduinomicrocontroller:which receive commands from the UGS and analyze these commands to make CNC work as needed. 3. Machine itself: this part about hardware and mechanicaltools, while the first two parts explain software for the project. Here is the normal flow of the machine: 1.A picture drew using drawing program (Inkscape). 2. Export Gcode from the picture. 3. Import the Gcode of that picture in the UGS and upload it to arduino. 4. Then the machine will move depending on the Gcode over X, Y and Z axis. Note that this machine draw in 2D although it contains a Z-axis, that because this axis needed for simple heights (if we want to draw more than one picture at the same time or the same picture contains separate parts,Z-axis allow knife to jump from one to another).