Wireless Power Transfer Based On Resonant Inductive Coupling

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Jaari, Ahmad
Nasasrah, Saja
Zaineddin, Nader
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The energy is one of the most important aspects in our daily life. Minimizing loss in power and energy through converting it in a useful form is the purpose of multi studies and researches. Harvesting the energy produced by walking is the aim of this project. The power shoe is a normal one that contains piezo-electric sensors inside it, in order to convert the force and foot pressure to electrical voltage. This effect is known as Piezoelectric Effect. The signal is then converted to DC signal in order to charge a battery. Such a simple method and its low price could allow everybody to get it even adults and children. Wireless power transmission has been attracting a wide range of subjects in various fields and became a highly active research area because of their potential in providing high technology to our daily life. In this project, wireless power transmission using resonant inductive coupling has been researched and simulated using mat lab\Simulink. Resonant inductive coupling is a middle range wireless power transmission method that mainly uses magnetic induction between two coils.