Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Jawabreh, Sudqi
Abukhader, Laith
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home cleaning robot is a robot that navigate through the house and clean it .the robot tries to solve the tedious everyday work of cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner. the main objective of the robot sweep all the house and clean it effectively by exploring the house using camera and other number of sensors like ultrasonic and infrared sensor in order to build a map to help navigating through the house.in the development process we will build a small prototype to focus on the motion and the navigation of the robot after that we will add the cleaning capabilities like a vacuum fan after that other features will be added to the project .the projects has been done many times before but all the projects failed or provided a naive algorithm for the robot we hope to solve this problem in our robot although many companies have made similar robots with very good quality like the new LG-bot from LG and Romba from IRobot.