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Fattouh, Mazen
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The purpose of the college of architecture is to enhance the role of architectural design and its emphasis in meeting the needs of the members of the human communities in terms of functional, cognitive and aesthetic. the college offers those interested in studying architecture a comfortable and appropriate atmosphere for creativity and creating the right atmosphere to highlight the energies and talents. Create a unique place for architects to practice various architectural activities and achieve the appropriate communication between students of architecture and students of different sections, which in turn will support both parties and improve their aesthetic outlook. Project site The site is located in the northern side of AN – NAJAH NATIONAL UNIVERCITY – west of Nablus city, Palestine. Project concept The creation of an interactive spaces between the students of architecture from one side and the public from the other. A privet separated zone for the student’s activities is created in one main facility, and the other zones have came out from this facility. The landscape view at the main workshops is framed by using a huge steel structure facility containing the gallery function, which is the main interactive space in the project. The simplicity of the form came out of the urban context.