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    تصميم مركز متلازمة داون
    (2023) ميساء علاونه
    Education in this era is no longer directed at ordinary children only, but rather targets even the extraordinary with special needs who are able to learn, including those who are mentally retarded, in order to work on providing them with as much capabilities as possible that contribute to their social integration, thus reducing their dependence on the other. Down syndrome is one of the most common types of mental retardation. Public schools do not give students with Down syndrome the time and dedication they need to develop their senses further. A specialized school that meets their needs through natural lighting, comfort and sensory spaces will aid these students in their development and allow them to interact with the community more successfully. Where it is a comprehensive and specialized center in the education and care of the children of this category from the age of (6-12) years. The project will have many functions that serve the needs of the target user, each function has been studied in terms of area and volume according to the Palestinian building code, approximation, equipment, sound, lighting, colors, materials, and environmental qualities. Some functions will be a strong support for children with DS, such as providing landscaping, activity areas, music, dance area, and other basic facilities such as an occupational therapy room in a speech therapy room. According to the area in which the project is located, the quality of services it provides, and the number of users who can benefit from it, it is proposed to establish a treatment and rehabilitation center serving approximately 100 children.
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    تصميم مول تجاري في طولكرم
    (2023) ساره الملاك
    تعتبر التجارة أحد اهم التعامالت التي استخدمها الناس فيما بينهم منذ القدم على اختالف اشكالها و طرقها, تطورت المباني الخاصة بالتجارة الى ان وصلت الى شكلها الحالي كمباني تحوي بيئة داخلية متكاملة تجذب المتسوقين لها. و أصبحت تضم أجزاء ترفيهية باالضافة للتجارية لجذب عدد اكبر من الناس. لذا بدأت فكرة المشروع بتصميم مجمع تجاري نظرا ألهمية االقتصاد في طولكرم و الحاجة الى لمكان ترفيهي يقضي فيه الناس وقتهم. حيث تقوي المجمعات التجارية االقتصاد و توفر فرص عمل للعاطلين و و تشكل مكان ترفيهي للعائالت. و حدد موقع المجمع التجاري خارج بلدة طولكرم نفسها بالقرب من بلدة عنبتا و تحديدا على شارع طولكرم نابلس حيث يعتبر المكان استراتيجيا كونه على الشارع الواصل بين طولكرم و نابلس و في مكان غير مكتظ بالبيوت السكنية, حيث تعتبر األراضي االبعد عن مراكز المدن افضل موقع للمجمعات التجارية التي تحوي جانب ترفيهي.
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    Western Transportation Station – City of Nablus
    (2023) اسعد ابو غزاله
    Background: The transportation sector is an important factor in evaluating the development of modern cities and countries A good transportation system may contribute to the development of entire countries and facilitate the lives of citizens and the prosperity of industry and trade and all aspects of life. In order to achieve this, all necessary means of transportation must be provided to transport citizens and establish the necessary structures and buildings for this, in addition to developing roads and their annexes such as sidewalks, infrastructure and others. One of the most important necessary structures are the central stations -sometimes called “Transportation Centers - which is not only a point of gathering and launching of vehicles, or a station for the gathering of passengers, but rather a station for the management of vehicles, passengers and all transportation sector in the city in addition to being a vital facility for people's interaction and may become a landmark for which the city is known. The city of Nablus is in dire need at this time to reconsider the existing stations and to start developing the existing stations, reconsidering them, or constructing new stations, in addition to modernizing the entire transportation system. Here lies our role of architects, civil engineers, and urban planning engineers to create solutions for society problems like this, this thesis discusses the previous topic. Methods: In this research, as an architecture student, I relied on many scientific references in the library of An-Najah National University related to the transportation and roads sector, in addition to the standards for establishing architectural structures for central stations. Reading some of the old research that follow similar projects is a matter that has been considered, in addition to information from certified references via the Internet, and the name of each source of information will be included in succession, with many thanks to those who contributed to submitting any scientific proposal in this and other fields of science and development. Results: It’s found that it’s necessary to study this subject and set up a graduation project for Western Transportation Center – City of Nablus. It is hoped that this thesis will be transformed from the study of a graduation project to a study to establish the mentioned structure and take advantage of the development of the transportation sector throughout the city.
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    مستشفى عام في مدينة طولكرم
    (2023) روان الاسعد
    The World Health Organization defines a person’s state of health not only as being free from illness, but also as complete physical, mental and social well-being. It also means focusing on the non-material needs of patients and their interaction with the environment, As described by architect Flavio Albanese, the meaning of “wellness” is the balance between the mind-body-spirit. The characteristics of the environment can create hope and positivity and speed up the healing process. The concept of therapeutic architecture is a term derived from the opposition to the austerity of modern healthcare facilities, and it implies an environment that aims to provide a condition, capable of enhancing the factors of the therapeutic environment by taking into account natural factors such as sound, light, color, privacy, views and even smell to positively affect the physical and psychological recovery of the patient The goal is to consolidate ideas related to the relationships between man and nature from the fields of health care design engineering and environmental psychology and its use in human therapy