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Seba Yousef Salahat
Marah Kamal Jaber
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Technology has become an important part of our lives and an integral part of our daily activities, particularly smart phone applications, as we perform the majority of our duties and daily work through them, making our lives easier. when we browsing social media every day, we see people ordering pet supplies, offering their pets for adoption, or inquiring about veterinary clinics in their area, as I believe people's interest in owning a pet has increased, so my colleague and I wanted to create an app with all of these details in one location to assist these people in raising their pets and facilitating access to all of their needs. Our project is based on creating a mobile app for pet owners and lovers that provides them with all the services and supplies they need to breed their pet in one place, this app will include pets for sale or adoption, as well as food and accessories that pet owners can easily order and purchase. It will also serve as a platform for connecting pet owners by publishing posts and accepting comments to help find a lost pet, for example. Finally, the app can provide the user with the names of veterinary clinics in his area in Nablus so that he can schedule an appointment and inspect his pet as soon as possible. Technically we will use Flutter and Dart language for mobile application and PHP for Admin (website). We found many apps in app stores for buying and adopting pets, as well as different apps for selling pets food and accessories, but we did not find similar apps in Palestine or apps that provide all services at the same time