Structural Analysis and Redesign The Building Of Scientific Center

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Abo Baker, Ayman
Bani Hasan, Baraa
Omar, Mohammad
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In this report, we present the details of the structural analysis and design building of the college of education science center . The building is used as offices and teaching rooms. The building is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of one building block, 6 floors with one roof, with total area of 5500m^2 and is located in Nablus city at An-Najah National University. In our project, we will carry out analysis and design of the building considering gravity and seismic loads . In stage one of the project , we model analyze and design the structure only under gravity loads , and during stage 2 ,we complete the analysis and design of the buildings for seismic loads. So, this report will show the procedure we made for the analysis and design of the building for both gravity and seismic. The analysis and design process starts by basic assumptions for both loads and dimensions .We will use SAP2000 for both design and analysis and then verify the results .