Design of Northern Part of Nablus Ring Road

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Deyaa Y. Jararaa
Hadeel F. Talahmeh
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Nablus attends major traffic movement due to the large commercial and population activities, and because of its central location between the West Bank's main cities, it's considered as a link between those cities, causing traffic jams in the city center and that requires a presence of an alternative and circular streets such as (Ring Road), in order to reduce the large volume of traffic within Nablus city especially for trips towards An-Najah New Campus The project is an extension of the proposed ring road in the northern-east of the city of Nablus. Design and operating this road will serve the traffic that comes from the eastern regions of the city and major cities such as Tubas, Tulkarem and Jenin, which intends to reduces traffic congestion within the city specifically in Faisal and Asira Streets. In addition this will increase urbanization in the proposed area of the road. This project includes design the targeted ring road which is included in the master plan of Nablus city, all the data needed such as contour is provided from Nablus Municipality, the design is performed based on AASHTO 2011 design criteria and using Civil 3D software. The design includes the preparation of Plan, Profile and Cross Sections of the road as well as intersections and pavement design. The design process is in coordinated with Nablus Municipality as well as the calculation of quantities and costs related to the construction of the road.