Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center

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salahat, Osyma
masri, Sanad
khayyat, Yaqeen
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The increasing in population induced an increase in health and physical problem, that emphasized the need of physiotherapy and rehabilitation center which provide a full treatment, such as rehabilitation and physical care services for persons with special needs, whether children or senior, and the rehabilitation aims to restore patients to their daily and life as much as possible, and to prevent complications of the problem. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers include many facilities such as therapeutic pools, tailoring, clinics radiography rooms, cafeterias, gym, basketball and tennis stadium, classrooms for people with special needs and vocational departments, etc. Our project is about design of the “physiotherapy and rehabilitation Centre”. This building will be designed according with conditions and requirements for this type of building. The work on this project will be done in two semesters in academic year, the work will include three major aspects that need to be investigate; architectural, structural, and environmental aspects. Architectural aspects analysis of plans that had been designed to assess its compliance with specifications and standards, and determine deficiency if it exist. Structural aspect consists of full structural design of the building. Environmental aspects provide the acoustical, visual human comfort and suitable thermal according to codes and standards. In addition to Design other systems such as electrical and mechanical. Many programs will be used to achieve the previous aspect such as “Revit” and “AutoCAD” for architectural design, “ETABS” and “SAP” for Structural design, also “Revit” for solar system.