High School design

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Al-Taher, Aya
Nassar, Haneen
Abu-Baker, Yara
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The school design progress went through multiple phases to end up with the final design. For architectural design the school spaces area are as specification and more spaces were added, also the school has been designed with green areas. For the structural design first, there was an overlap with the architectural design, the structural system that had been designed based on is one-way ribbed slab and two-way ribbed slab using etabs program, also the seismic design was taken into consideration. As for the environmental design, four different distribution and cases were studied for PV system and the highest system produces energy has been chosen. Thermal analysis was performed with design builder program to calcite the heating system for school and the radiator system was chosen. Human comfort visually and acoustically had been destined. Finally, the electromechanical design for the school include water supply of fresh water calculation, rain and gray water tank. Swage system and fire system had been designed The electrical design considered of ceiling mounted speaker through sum spaces and the artificial lighting design for visual comfort using Dilux evo program.