Improving Service Performance At Wassel Logistic Company

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Hanani, Zakia
Shaheen, Lara
Abdel-Haq, Hala
Matour, Rand
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This project investigates the feasibility of transferring Nablus office at Wassel logistic Company to a logistic hub for the Northern provinces (Nablus, Tolkarem, Qalqelia, Tubas, Jenin, and Salfeet) in West Bank. The purpose is improving performance of the service provided from Wassel Company, minimize costs including a transportation cost and delivery time service cost and achieving the customer satisfaction. We used the DMAIC” Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control” methodology. The define phase, we defined the problem, the goal, the process, the customer requirement. The measure phase we gathered the data related to delivery time, cost, and quality at Wessel. In the analyze phase, we collected all the data need to calculate payback period for Nablus new logistic hub. In the improve phase we used a comparative tool between before and after transferring Nablus office to a logistic Hub, to determine if the key metrics of cost and quality show any improvement and do that by buildup a simulation model. In the control phase, the new model must be constantly updated to monitor the process, to be sure if the quality aspect is improved and to predict the future behavior of the system. Details of this project were represented in six chapters that clarify all the work specifies.