e-Knowledge Point System

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Laith AboShamat
Zainab Nassif
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The e-Knowledge Point System is a dynamic platform that revolutionizes knowledge exchange by allowing users to earn points through the trading of valuable insights. This innovative concept aims to bridge the gap in scientific research, addressing the limited attention given to knowledge sharing dynamics. The system explores two key approaches: a rewards-based system for accumulating points through knowledge contributions and a knowledge trading system that presents unique opportunities for traders and educators alike. To support the development and implementation of the e-Knowledge Point System, a comprehensive research study was conducted. The research methodology consisted of both quantitative and qualitative methods. A quantitative survey was administered after the system's implementation, gathering data to analyze the impact and effectiveness of digital points in facilitating knowledge exchange. Additionally, qualitative interviews were conducted with educators and focus groups with students prior to the system's launch, providing valuable insights into their perspectives and expectations. Combining the theoretical and practical aspects, the e-Knowledge Point System emerged as a result of this research endeavor. The system was developed using Python Flask, a powerful web development framework. This practical implementation serves as a tangible manifestation of the theoretical concepts and findings uncovered throughout the research process. The e-Knowledge Point System holds immense promise in promoting collaboration, knowledge acquisition, and skill development among its users. By incentivizing knowledge sharing through digital points, it fosters motivation and engagement within a vibrant community of knowledge enthusiasts. The research conducted, including the associated benefits and challenges, contributes to the advancement of digital platforms for effective knowledge exchange. This innovative blend of theoretical research and practical implementation sets the stage for future advancements in this emerging field. The e-Knowledge Point System serves as a catalyst for promoting effective knowledge exchange, signaling the importance of embracing digital platforms to facilitate meaningful interactions and valuable insights.