Integrated redesign of Bank Palestine in Nablus city

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Abdullah Sukkar, Aseel
Khiri Naffa’a, Hiyam
Sobhi Samaneh, Sujood
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A developed society based on an especial interest that is given to several life sectors, one of them is an Economical sector, in which banks play an important role. So, having banks with special points of using easily, clear function, that reflects on full integrated design based on the standards. Firstly, to know how to evaluate and redesign the definition and function of the bank must be known, so what is the bank? It is a financial institution working to provide financial services such as financial loans, storing deposits, and providing clear checks. which are licensed by the government. Generally, the commercial bank includes internal functional spaces, such as meeting room, customer department, credit department, operation department, and It’s important to have special barking, elevators, and entrance for people with special needs and emergency exit. The base objective in this project is redesign an integrated bank building, which should be environmentally comfort and structurally safe. The integrated redesign had been gone through two stages during academic year (2019/2020), the first stage was collecting information by doing literature review, reading book and asking who use the facility, studying the existing building, comparing with the standards, redesign Architecturally, treated Environmentally, doing initial three checks, in addition to site analysis. The second stage was redesigning all systems architectural, safety, structural, mechanical and electrical, all had been integrated together and to be performed according to the standard and information collected in the first stage. The final results had been summited in the form of a report attached with detailed plans for all engineering aspects As a conclusion in this project could be summarized as the following show:  Architectural redesigning, with new spaces and a new distribution of these spaces, AUTOCAD and REVIT programs have been used.  Structurally redesigning for all structural element and drawing details for beams, columns, slaps, shear walls, water tank, foundation and sheet piles, ETABS and SAFE had been used.  Environmentally treated, by adding louvers, shutters, and double-glazing wall, which improve the general condition inside the building. REVIT and Design Builder had been used. The results had been come after studying the location and orientation of the building.  Mechanical and electrical design for all the building spaces. Design Builder, EASE, INSUL, Ecotect and DIALux programs had been used.