Runoff Factor Determination for Some Districts in West-Bank Based on SCS_CN Method By Different Conditions

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Sad Eddin, Atallah
Qadoha, Ismail
Qadah, Khalid
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In recent years, geographic information systems (GIS) using has increased to estimate runoff coefficient for catchments. In this research, runoff curve number maps for captive catchment of West bank–Palestine by helping GIS which based on factors such as vegetation, lands using, group of soil hydrology and hydrological conditions were obtained. Runoff curve numbers map was obtained by combining these maps in ARC GIS and SCS table to make sure the accuracy of the results. West Bank, Palestine, is characterized as an arid to semi-arid region with annual rainfall depths ranging between 100 mm in the vicinity of the Jordan River to 700 mm in the mountains extending across the central parts of the region. The present study reveals that GIS based SCS-CN can be effectively used to estimate the runoff from the river basins of similar geo-hydrological characteristics. In this research we will estimate composite curve number for the entire West Bank at dry, wet (saturated) and average (normal) conditions, and compute runoff factor for some of West-Bank districts under the three antecedence moisture condition.