Assessment of the Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Concepts in the AL-Sharif foodstuff factory.

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Mallah, Tasneem
Habayeb, Raghad
Zahra, Sharif
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Al-Sharif foodstuff production and trading company was established in 1990 to produce concentrated drinks and western sweets of more than 20 types of product with high quality to compete with imported goods. In the last year (2018) a new building was constructed Al-Duairan area with latest technologies available according to the international specification and standards .Furthermore, The company produces chips and biscuits, using most modern machines of its kind. Lean manufacturing has become an important avenue for companies in recent times. and It has increased the spread of the Lean manufacturing system, the need has arisen to develop means to investigate the level of understanding of this system in companies. Many organizations around the world have attempted to implement; it but the lack of a clear understanding of lean performance and its measurement, and the implementation of traditional management are significant reasons that lean practices have failed, To increase competition and customer expectations companies need to apply lean manufacturing concepts that help companies to get a competitive advantage in the world market. The main aim of this project is to assess the implementation of lean manufacturing concepts in Al-Sharif company. to do this, it was necessary first to develop a tool (questioner) to explore the extent of lean manufacturing concepts implementation in the factory. The expected results from this questioner are to define the barriers that prevent from implemented lean manufacturing concept in the factory, and then analyze the gap between current practices and what should be applied to achieve lean manufacturing, and improve a framework that helps the firm to implement lean manufacturing concepts and methods to achieve its strategic goals