Tower Defense Game

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Tubaileh, Jihad
Dwikat, Qusay
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• At resent days we notice that the world turned to pc video games, and increased rapidly, our project is about designing and programming 3D game, the general purpose of the game is how to survive. • The game structure divided into two modes, the first one is single player and the other is multi-player’s mode, single player mode using AI technique to control enemy’s characters and attack the main player character, and the main player goal is killing them all and survive, so he can win the chosen map. • The game contains several maps, when the player clicks on the start button he has to choose desired map from map list, and there is another option for the player to build his own map using map builder feature ,after that the player has to choose his own avatar, which represents his character in the game. • Multi-player mode consists of at least two main players characters, which they are playing together, and finish up all enemies. • For each avatar, it has a special properties such as speed, tank, and high damage. • For each single map , it has a five main places , each place has a tower ,and for all players should stand together at least for 5 minutes for example , that’s allow them to own the tower ,and sequentially the five towers should owned to finish the map . • According to the input operations , keyboard keys ( W, A,S,D) ,and the mouse click ,playing the main inputs role in the game ,in addition to space key and other for control the play and game view.