Design of a Rehabilitation Center for People with Special Needs in Nables city

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Bozeyeh, Zaid
Kabaha, Bara
Soleiman, Mahmoud
Ameen, Mohammad
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In this work, a design will be created for the rehabilitation center for people with special needs. The target group of those with special needs will be those who suffer from developmental disabilities, hearing, seeing and then who suffer from learning difficulties, this category is ignored in society. Which constitute what they attributed 5.8% according to the 2017 statistics. The Palestinian society lacks such institutions and centers, although it is not comprehensive for all categories and this is what we seek to achieve in the project "comprehensive". Isolation of each category of people with special needs on the one hand adversely affect the rehabilitation of their integration into society. This project includes the re-amendment of the architectural plans in line with the standards and specifications, and will include the egress system and mechanical systems such as drainage system and water supply system, electrical system includes accounts and distribution plugs, also will go on the structural side so that the columns will be distributed and the structural system selected. The goal will be achieved through studying the specifications and standards and the study of the site and some analytical studies, with the grant of some of the integrated engineering solutions necessary to finish this design in order to provide a decent living for this category of people. Finally, this design must meet all environmental, architectural and structural requirements and standards to give special imprint on the design or the functions that the project will provide to the community and the people.